Kome Ajise

Chief Deputy Director, California Department of Transportation


Mr. Ajise is the Chief Deputy Director at the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), responsible for overseeing the internal operations for approximately 19,000 employees and an annual budget that exceeds $1.1 billion. Mr. Ajise began his career with in 1987 in District 6 (Fresno) and has served in various assignments at both the district and HQ offices. From February 2001, he served as the North Region Environmental Division Chief until April 2004 when he was appointed as the District 10 Director in Stockton, California. The eight-county District 10 covers the central Sierras, including four trans-sierra mountain passes, and northern San Joaquin Valley is a goods movement gateway from the valley into the Bay Area and north. Between the years 2009-2012, he served as Program Manager for the public private partnerships before being appointed Deputy Director of Planning and Modal Programs in 2012 in Sacramento. Mr. Ajise has a BS degree in Geography and Regional Planning from the University of Benin, Nigeria, and a Master of City and Regional Planning degree from CSU Fresno.


David Arian

Vice President, Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners


Commissioner Arian was appointed to the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and confirmed by the Los Angeles City Council on October 13, 2010. And then again, re-appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti and re-confirmed by the Los Angeles City Council in 2014. Commissioner Arian has been a fixture on the LA Waterfront as a union worker, labor leader, and supporter of many community organizations. Commissioner Arian began his career as a longshoreman in 1965 and has been an active member of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) since. He served as an officer of the ILWU Local 13 many times, including three terms as local president. In 1991, he was elected international president of the ILWU. Following his term, he returned to the docks at the Port of Los Angeles where he worked until his retirement in 2009. Since then, Commissioner Arian has served as president of the Harry Bridges Institute, a San Pedro-based, nonprofit dedicated to community organization.


Susan Bransen

Chief Deputy Director, California Transportation Commission


Ms. Bransen oversees the day-to-day operations of the California Transportation Commission (Commission), serving as the chief of staff and policy advisor to the Commission Executive Director and Commission. As a key policy advisor, she has a major role in affecting the outcome of all policies adopted by the Commission including the development and management of the State’s multi-modal transportation programs, the allocation of state and federal funds, the initiation and implementation of the Commission’s actions and policies, and the evaluation of proposed legislation with impacts to transportation planning, funding and project delivery. Ms. Bransen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Accounting. She is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


Christopher Cannon

Director of Environmental Management, Port of Los Angeles


Mr. Cannon is the director of environmental management for the Port of Los Angeles, a position he has held since October 2010. Mr. Cannon has worked at the Port of Los Angeles as a consultant since 2004, most recently helping to manage the implementation and daily operation of the highly successful Clean Truck Program. In his new role, Mr. Cannon will be responsible for balancing commerce and growth with ecological sustainability at the nation’s busiest container port. The division assesses environmental impacts of development projects and determines appropriate mitigation measures. It also prepares and distributes any environmental documentation mandated by state and federal law; special studies involving dredging, noise abatement, water quality and air quality; contamination characterizations; wildlife management; and establishment of policies regarding environmental quality issues. Before his work on the Clean Truck Program, Mr. Cannon worked with the Port Environmental Management Division’s Air Quality and CEQA groups, supporting the development of key air projects such as the Clean Air Action Plan and its efforts to complete critical environmental impact reports for Port-related projects. Mr. Cannon has 21 years of experience in the environmental services industry, working on a range of projects while employed by ENVIRON International Corporation and TRC Environmental Solutions.


Kristin Decas

CEO & Port Director, Port of Hueneme


Since beginning Ms. Decas’ tenure with the Port of Hueneme in February 2012, the Port has realized several successes. The total tonnage for FY 2013 jumped to over 1.4 million metric tons marking the Port’s most active trade year since its inception in 1937. The Port also turned a significant corner in FY2014 achieving its strongest fiscal numbers in history at over $13.7 million in gross operating revenue. The Port is now launching a Strategic Action Plan and rebranding campaign. Ms. Decas championed the first annual Port Banana Festival, drawing over 10,000 visitors to the Port. Port of Hueneme related activities generate $1.1 billion in annual economic impact and create more than 10,200 direct, indirect, induced and influenced jobs. Prior to serving for the Port of Hueneme, Ms. Decas served as CEO and Port Director for the Port of New Bedford, MA, the nation’s number one value fishing port. Ms. Decas is recognized by Trade Administration officials for her impressive work in promoting economic development through international trade promotion, and for her service on scores of federal level shipping and port committees. Most recently Ms. Decas was awarded a high-profile appointment by the U.S. Department of Transportation to both the National Freight Advisory Committee (NFAC) and the U.S. Marine Transportation System National Advisory Council (MTSNAC).


Rich Dines

Commissioner, Port of Long Beach


Mr. Dines, a Marine Clerk with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), brings nearly 20 years of experience on the waterfront to his position as a member of the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners, the five-member governing body for the Port of Long Beach, Calif. He was appointed to a six-year term in July 2011, elected as Vice President of the Commission in December 2013, and re-elected to a full, one-year term in July 2014. Together with his Commission colleagues, Mr. Dines provides policy direction and oversight for the most extensive capital improvement program in the Port of Long Beach’s history, reaching $4+ billion over 10 years. Mr. Dines has also been actively involved with long-range efforts to improve efficiency and productivity at the Port, and is a passionate champion for the use of alternative energy, resulting in adoption of a groundbreaking energy policy in 2013. A resident of Long Beach's Fifth District, Mr. Dines is active in the community and currently serves on the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority Governing Board, is Chair of the Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) Joint Powers Authority, and sits on the Policy and Steering Committee for the California State University, Long Beach, Center for International Trade and Transportation (CITT).


Doug Drummond

President, Port of Long Beach Harbor Commission


Mr. Drummond, a former two-term Long Beach City Councilman, Vice Mayor and Police Department Commander, was appointed in August 2011 by Mayor Bob Foster to serve on the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners, the five-member governing body for the Port of Long Beach, California. His Board colleagues voted him President in December 2013 and re-elected him to a full, one-year term in July 2014. His more than 45 years of service to Long Beach began in 1959 when he became a Long Beach Police Department officer, attaining the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain, and then retiring in 1988 as Commander after 29 years on the force. His Third District constituents elected him to the Long Beach City Council in 1990, and Mr. Drummond served two four-year terms on the Council, two of those years as Vice Mayor. Mr. Drummond has also been a member of the City of Long Beach Civil Service Commission, the Board of Directors of the Long Beach Transportation Company, California State Commissioner for the Board of Parole Hearings, and Fish & Game Commissioner for Los Angeles County. He served in the U. S. Army as a paratrooper in Germany and was discharged as a sergeant. He holds a bachelor's degree from California State University Long Beach in Political Science and Public Administration, a master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, a doctorate in Criminology from August Vollmer University, and is a part-time faculty member at all three schools. He also graduated from the FBI National Academy in 1974 and is a published author.


Assemblymember Jim Frazier

Chair, Assembly Committee on Transportation


Assemblymember Frazier was elected to the California State Assembly in November of 2012 to represent the 11th Assembly District. He served as a member of the Assembly Committee on Transportation for two years prior to being appointed as Chair, and focused his legislative career on addressing priority transportation issues, including the advancement of infrastructure projects, advocating for vital infrastructure funding and raising public awareness surrounding roadway safety. Assemblymember Frazier brings an extensive history of transportation experience to his new position as Chair. As Mayor of Oakley, he delivered $83,000,000 for Highway 4 Bypass improvements, creating 1,400 new jobs; $50,000,000 to fund Highway 160 improvements, creating 700 new jobs; and $33,000,000 to fund the Sand Creek Interchange. Assemblymember Frazier previously served as Chair to TRANSPLAN and the State Route 4 Bypass Authority, and served as a member on the Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s Citizen Advisory Committee.


Mark Erickson

Senior Projects Administrator, Port of Oakland


Mr. Erickson is a Senior Maritime Projects Administrator at the Port of Oakland. Mr. Erickson manages the Oakland Army Base redevelopment on behalf of the Port, including it’s on-going $100 million rail development program, part of a $500 million joint Port-City of Oakland infrastructure initiative to modernize the decommissioned military base into a commercial trade & logistics center. He has led many of the Port’s maritime infrastructure investments, including new trade facilities focused on imported consumer products, refrigerated foods, and export grain transload facilities within the Oakland seaport. Mr. Erickson is a licensed civil engineer, a UC Davis graduate, and has been very fortunate to have a 12-year career in project management, engineering and maritime development at the Port of Oakland. He and his wife, Serene, live in Oakland with their nearly 2-year old son August.


Billie Greer

President, Southern California Leadership Council (SCLC)


Three former California Governors and several dozen business executives and community leaders comprise the Southern California Leadership Council, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that provides leadership on public policy issues critical to the economic vitality, job growth and quality of life of the region. With 30 years of experience in the public affairs arena as an advocate and community leader, Mr. Greer served as Director of Governor Schwarzenegger’s Los Angeles regional office and a member of his senior staff from 2004 – 2010. Earlier in her career, she co-founded and served as president of Greer/Dailey, a LA-based public affairs consulting firm, which helps for-profit and non-profit clients facing land use and environmental challenges meet their objectives.


Mark Hirzel

President, Los Angeles Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association, Inc.


Mr. Hirzel is the Customs Consultancy Manager for DHL Global Logistics, responsible for DHL’s professional consulting services team in the United States. He consults with DHL’s largest clients on developing internal audits and programs, to insure compliance with import and export laws and regulations. He previously recently served as Director of MIQ Logistics’ Global Trade Management team and their Western Regional Director, with total responsibility for MIQ’s Global operations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Mr. Hirzel has also consulted and counseled clients on US Customs Border Protection (CBP) classification and compliance issues; development Importer Security Filing (ISF) processes; and provided internal and external compliance education programs.


Jason Hodge

Port Commissioner, Port of Hueneme


Commissioner Hodge, a second generation Oxnard native, is a Port of Hueneme Commissioner and also a local firefighter who is committed to educating the public about how Port of Hueneme is a vital but often underutilized asset of the local economy. Commissioner Hodge has worked to change perceptions by invigorating the Port of Hueneme/Oxnard Harbor District and focusing on environmental stewardship, economic opportunities, local job creation, and safety. To achieve this goal, he is working with local and statewide leaders and stakeholders from the private and public sectors. Trained in fire protection, water rescue, terrorism and hazardous materials emergencies and major disaster management, Commissioner Hodge brings expertise in emergency logistics and emergency response. He has assisted in managing disasters with costs exceeding $100 million and is committed to keeping the community and environment safe. Commissioner Hodge has collaborated with Port Commissioners throughout the state to develop best environmental practices, decrease the port’s environmental footprint while increasing economic output. He has been a strong advocate in the transitioning of the Port to shore side power helping to dramatically reduce pollution and noise. He also has initiated joint cooperation with local governments to create smart traffic solutions addressing congestion without reducing port capacity.


Senator Jerry Hill

Senate Committee on Business, Professions, and Economic Development


Senator Hill was elected to the California Senate in November 2012 and took his oath of office in the state Capitol on December 3, 2012. Senator Hill joined the state Legislature’s upper house with a strong track record of leadership and public service as an elected official. He was the mayor of the city of San Mateo, he served on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors and he was a member of the state Assembly. While on the Board of Supervisors, he was involved in a diverse array of issues from health and safety protections for children, families and seniors, to improvement of schools, the environment roads and public works. Taking office in the Assembly in 2008, he quickly established himself as a thoughtful and dynamic state lawmaker. He concluded his fourth year as an assemblymember in November 2012. That year, 18 of the bills he authored were signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown – that was more than any other state lawmaker in 2012. His legislation included bills on pipeline safety, crackdowns on underage drinking on party buses and on retailers who sell tobacco to minors, foster family home protections and bills that make more information available to parents and guardians about child safety seats. Senator Hill grew up in the Bay Area helping his father run his small business. Jerry still owns that business, which provides jobs to local residents. He attended public schools, graduated from UC Berkeley and has a teaching credential from San Francisco State University. He and his wife live in San Mateo.


Hasan Ikhrata

Executive Director, Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)


Hasan Ikhrata is the Executive Director of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the largest metropolitan planning organization in the United States. Appointed in January 2008, Mr. Ikhrata has over 25 years of public and private sector experience in Transportation Planning in the Southern California Region. At SCAG Mr. Ikhrata implements the policies of an 86-member Regional Council and directs day-to-day operations of the agency. Prior to joining SCAG in 1994, Mr. Ikhrata worked for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD); and Mr. Ikhrata also worked abroad for the USSR government, Moscow Metro Corporation. Mr. Ikhrata holds a Masters Degree in Civil and Industrial Engineering from Zaporozhye University in the former Soviet Union; a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from UCLA and a PhD Candidacy in Urban Planning from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.



Brian P. Kelly

Secretary, California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA)


In 2013 Brian P. Kelly was sworn in as the first secretary of the new California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), which has replaced the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency (BT&H) with a new agency focused solely on transportation. Secretary Kelly had previously been running BT&H since Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. appointed him to lead the agency in 2012. As Acting Secretary, he oversaw 12 departments and several economic development programs and commissions consisting of more than 45,000 employees and a budget of $18 billion -- a budget larger than most states in the nation. The new CalSTA portfolio – which addresses a myriad of transportation issues – remains one of the largest in the State of California.



Senator Ricardo Lara

California State Senate, 33rd District


Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) was elected with overwhelming support in November 2012 to represent the Southeast Los Angeles County cities of the 33rdSenate District. He has risen the ranks of the State Senate to serve as one of its most influential members during his first term. He was appointed to serve on the powerful Senate Rules and Appropriations Committees and was elected by his peers to head the influential 23-member California Latino Legislative Caucus. He also sits on the Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing, the Committee on Natural Resources and Water and Chairs the Select Committee on Ports and Goods Movements.


Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal

Former Chair, Assembly Transportation Committee Chair, Select Committee on Ports


Assemblymember Lowenthal is a former Assemblymember who was the long-time Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee as well as the Select Committee on Ports. Her district included the largest port complex in the nation. Prior to that she was elected to two terms on the Long Beach Unified School District Board and two terms on the Long Beach City Council, including serving as Vice Mayor. During that time she developed a focus on the ports as a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority. In her final Assembly term she was the only elected official in the nation appointed by DOT to the National Freight Advisory Committee.


Jennifer Lucchesi

Executive Officer, California State Lands Commission


Jennifer Lucchesi was appointed by the State Lands Commission as its Executive Officer in 2012. Ms. Lucchesi began her career at the Commission in 1999, primarily working with ports and harbor districts to facilitate waterfront redevelopment. She has worked on projects in virtually every county in the state, with an emphasis on the Public Trust Doctrine, land use, waterfront redevelopment and boundary issues involving the state’s ports, harbor districts and waterways. Prior to her appointment as Executive Officer, Ms. Lucchesi served as the Commission’s Chief Counsel. Ms. Lucchesi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and a Juris Doctor from McGeorge School of Law.


Cynthia Marvin

Chief, Transportation and Toxics Division, California Air Resources Board


Ms. Marvin is the Chief of the Transportation and Toxics Division at the California Air Resources Board (ARB or Board). The Division is currently leading development of the California Sustainable Freight Initiative; implementing existing diesel rules and Proposition 1B incentives for cleaner ports and rail yards; updating the State’s air toxics programs to characterize and reduce the health risk from stationary and mobile sources; and guiding multiple State agencies responsible for investing nearly $1 billion annually in Cap-and-Trade auction proceeds in transportation, energy, and natural resources projects that reduce greenhouse gases and maximize co-benefits for disadvantaged communities. Ms. Marvin’s prior division assignment included climate change policy and planning, low carbon fuels, and energy issues. Her background involves 25 years of experience with the Board managing California’s State Implementation Plans; developing ARB’s clean air strategy for mobile sources, fuels, and consumer products; and drafting air toxics regulations to protect public health. Prior to joining ARB, she worked as an Assistant Vice President in the banking industry and received a B.S. in Environmental Toxicology from the University of California at Davis.


Monique Moyer

Executive Director, Port of San Francisco


Ms. Moyer is the Executive Director of the Port of San Francisco, an appointee of former Mayor Gavin Newsom in 2004. She serves at the pleasure of current Mayor Edwin Lee and a 5-member Port Commission. She is the second woman Executive Director in the Port’s 151-year history and one of only 3 female port directors nationwide (out of 85). She is the longest-serving Port Director since the Port transferred to the City & County of San Francisco in 1969. Ms. Moyer manages a staff of 270 and a budget of $88 million. She sits on the non-profit boards of the Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition and the Foundation of the Fine Arts Museums. She is the current President of the California Association of Port Authorities. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Grinnell College, Iowa.


Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom

Lieutenant Governor, State of California


As a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, then as mayor of San Francisco and now as Lieutenant Governor of California, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has been a visionary on issues of equality, the environment, homelessness and healthcare. Policies he has initiated and implemented have been duplicated in cities across the nation. During his seven-year tenure as mayor, he led San Francisco to an economic recovery, balancing seven consecutive budgets without laying off a single teacher, police officer, or firefighter. Thirty-six days into his first mayoral term in 2004, Lieutenant Governor Newsom threw himself into one of the most divisive issues in U.S. politics by allowing same-sex couples to marry in violation of state law. His administration also instituted a first-of-its-kind universal health care program without adding new taxes. Shortly after being elected Lieutenant Governor in 2010, Lieutenant Governor Newsom gathered the ideas of key stakeholders around the state to develop an economic growth and job creation strategy. This comprehensive economic blueprint ensures that California remains one of the top 10 economies in the world. He is the author of “Citizenville,” which explores the intersection of democracy and technology in this ever-connected world. The ideas of his book have been widely accepted by both Democrats and Republicans as a blueprint for government innovation and reform. Lieutenant Governor Newsom is married to actress/producer Jennifer Siebel Newsom. They reside in Marin County with their three children Montana, Hunter and Brooklynn.



Mary D. Nichols

Chairman, California Air Resources Board (ARB)


Mary D. Nichols, J.D., was reappointed Chairman of the California Air Resources Board by Governor Jerry Brown in 2011, a post she previously held under Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger from 2007 to 2010 and under Governor Brown (during his first tenure) from 1979 to 1983. At ARB she is responsible for implementing California's landmark greenhouse gas emissions legislation as well as setting air pollution standards for motor vehicles, fuels and consumer products. After graduating from Cornell University and Yale Law School, Chairman Nichols practiced environmental law in Los Angeles and was appointed by President Clinton to head the Office of Air and Radiation at U.S. EPA. She also served as California's Secretary for Natural Resources from 1999 to 2003.


Jock O’Connell

International Trade Economist, Beacon Economics


Mr. O'Connell is widely regarded as one of California's foremost authorities on world trade, global economic trends, and the internationalization of the Golden State's economy. A former advisor to the California Commission for Economic Development and member of the California Economic Strategy Panel's Technical Advisory Group, Mr. O'Connell is the International Trade Economist at Beacon Economics. He grew up on the coast of Maine and regularly receives alumni donation requests from the College of the Holy Cross, the University of California at Davis, the University of Vienna, and the London School of Economics.


Assemblymember Patrick O'Donnell

70th Assembly District, Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles


In November 2014, Assemblymember O'Donnell was elected to the California State Assembly. He represents District 70, which includes the cities of Avalon, Long Beach Signal Hill and San Pedro. Assemblymember O'Donnell was a classroom teacher for nearly 20 years and served as a member of the Long Beach City Council. A leader dedicated to quality education, he helped create a program at his high school to provide students with more instructional time. He also lobbied in Sacramento for more school funding. While on the Long Beach City Council, he helped produce the city’s first budget surplus in over a decade. He helped establish a "Rainy Day Fund" policy that requires City Council to save in anticipation of tough economic times. He also secured funding for police gang-unit officers and brought crime to its lowest level in 41 years. Assemblymember O'Donnell worked to raise awareness about human trafficking by introducing legislation to ensure tougher penalties for convicted of the crime. Foster care is another issue he has tackled. He led an effort to found the Palace Hotel Project, which converted a former hotel into housing for kids "aging off" of foster care to provide additional support. A firm believer in ensuring access to career technical education and vocational opportunities, he helped establish an afterschool digital academy to teach kids valuable media skills they can use in school and the workplace. Born in Long Beach, Assemblymember O'Donnell graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in History and a Master's Degree in Public Administration. He lives in the Los Altos neighborhood with his wife and their two daughters.


Sean Randolph

Senior Director, Bay Area Council Economic Institute


Mr. Randolph is Senior Director of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, where he served as President & CEO from 1999-2015. The Economic Institute is a public-private partnership of business, labor, government and higher education that works to foster a competitive economy in California and the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland and Silicon Valley. Dr. Randolph previously served as director of international trade for the State of California, where he developed trade strategy and directed international business programs to stimulate exports and introduce California companies to overseas markets. Before service with the state, he served as International Director General of the Pacific Basin Economic Council, a 15-nation international organization of leading U.S., Asian and Latin American corporations. His professional career includes extensive experience in the U.S. Government, including the U.S. Congress staff, and the White House staff. From 1981–85 he served in the U.S. State Department, on the Policy Planning Staff, as Special Adviser for Policy in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, and as Deputy/Ambassador-at Large for Pacific Basin affairs. From 1985–88 he served as U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy for International Affairs, managing nuclear non-proliferation, energy research, and global oil and gas issues. Dr. Randolph holds a JD from the Georgetown University Law Center, a Ph.D. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts and Harvard Universities), a B.S.F.S. from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, and studied at the London School of Economics. He currently serves on the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission.


Michael J. Rodriguez

Deputy Maritime Administrator


Mr. Rodriguez was sworn in as Deputy Maritime Administrator on October 20, 2014. Coming to MARAD most recently from active duty with the National Maritime Intelligence- Integration Office, he brings over 35 years of public and private maritime industry experience to his dual role as a member of the Maritime Subsidy Board and auxiliary to the Maritime Administrator. A 1979 graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA), Mr. Rodriguez sailed for 17 years as a merchant marine deck officer. In 1995, he began his shoreside career as an Application Engineer with Nautical Technology Corporation before returning to USMMA as an Academy Training Representative (ATR) in the school’s Office of Professional Development and Career Services. In 2001, Mr. Rodriguez moved on to serve as Executive Assistant of the International President of the International Organization of Masters, Mates, and Pilots (MMP). At MMP, he administered labor contracts and represented the organization and maritime labor in several national and international forums including the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Labor Advisory Committee and the International Maritime Organization. In 2009, Mr. Rodriguez began service as Senior Professional Staff at the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation. During his term with the committee, Mr. Rodriguez worked on a wide range of national maritime issues including navigation, port and waterway safety, and was instrumental in the committee’s efforts to develop and pass the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010.


Chris Shimoda

Director of Policy, California Trucking Association


Mr. Shimoda is the Director of Policy for the California Trucking Association and is responsible for overseeing the CTA’s public policy development and implementation. He has been with CTA since 2007 and has previously managed both the Association’s Safety and Environmental Policy. Throughout his career Mr. Shimoda has worked with California agencies including the California Air Resources Board and California Highway Patrol on the development and implementation of major programs and regulations impacting the trucking industry. He is a graduate of UC Davis.


State Controller Betty T. Yee

Controller, State of California


State Controller Betty T. Yee was elected in November 2014, following two terms of service on the Board of Equalization. As Controller, she continues to serve the Board as its fifth voting member. Now serving as the State’s Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Yee also chairs the Franchise Tax Board and serves as a member of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) Boards. These two boards have a combined portfolio of nearly $500 billion. Ms. Yee currently serves on the board of directors for the Cal Alumni Association at the University of California, Berkeley; California Women Lead; and the Equality California Institute. She was a co-founder of the Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project, which exposes California high school youth to the public service, public policy, and political arenas. A native of San Francisco, Ms. Yee received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, and her master’s degree in Public Administration from Golden Gate University, San Francisco.


Christian G. Yuhas

Patrolman, Oakland Branch of Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association


Mr. Christian Yuhas is the Patrolman for the Oakland branch of the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association. Mr. Yuhas is a graduate of the California Maritime Academy and holds a US Coast Guard Unlimited Chief Engineers License, steam diesel & Gas Turbine. He has actively sailed in the US Merchant Marine for over 24 years, highlights include resupply trips to Antarctica, working as Chief Engineer of a deep water drill ship and being Chief Engineer of the Hawaii Superferry. In 2014, following his career at sea, he was appointed as Oakland Patrolman for the M.E.B.A. The M.E.B.A. is America’s oldest Maritime Union. Patrolman Yuhas’s priorities are job creation, contract negotiation, contract enforcement and membership services. In October of 2014, Mr. Yuhas created and hosted the 1st annual Hawaiian Inter-Island Ferry Conference in Honolulu Hawaii, in an effort to bring back an inter-island ferry system. An Inter-Island Ferry system will bring new jobs to the US Merchant Marine and the Hawaiian Economy, while allowing tourists, residents and business’s an alternative to flying between the islands.


Amy Zimpfer, P.E.

Associate Director, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Ms. Zimpfer is Associate Air Division Director for USEPA Region 9 in San Francisco, California. She provides senior leadership for Region 9’s climate change and clean energy initiatives and the Region’s US/Mexico binational air quality efforts. In 2008, Ms. Zimpfer served as Embassy Science Fellow at the US Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal, focusing on European and Portuguese renewable energy and climate change efforts. She has also served as Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary Partnership and as Commissioner for San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. Ms. Zimpfer is a Professional Civil Engineer in the State of California.


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